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Winner of a 2010 IAMA Award, Performance Fuel Injection Systems by Matt Cramer and Jerry Hoffmann is simply the best how-to/tech book available to help you learn not only how to choose what type of Engine Management System solution best fits your needs (Piggyback controller?  Hacking the stock ECU? Standalone Engine Management System?) but goes into detail on just what you'll need to know to get the most out of your Electronic Fuel Injection and Ignition system! 

The goal in writing this book was to provide all of the information you'd need to grasp the concepts involved, but without bogging you down in heavy mathematical formulas that you really don't need to know to be able to do the job!  The working title was 'Practical EFI', with the goal just stated, and additionally the focus being to give you all of the information you need to properly choose an EFI system for your engine, to understand how it works, what sensors are needed and why, and ultimately to help you learn to tune your engine properly.

We went into great detail in the tuning section of the book and really think we brought something to the table that no other book covers like we have, helping you to think through the process of how to tune your engine on the dyno or on the track.  And we didn't stop with fuel tuning like most books seem to do, but in great detail describe the process of how to properly tune ignition advance at all loads and engine speeds, regardless of the fuel you are running!  Again we went at this from a practical, what-you-need-to-know angle.  With a major focus on the thought process involved, and step by step examples of how to tune your fuel injection and ignition timing to perfection without experiencing engine damaging knock/detonation.

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At just about any major bookseller and at several major automotive performance parts retailers.  Our two favorite places are:



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