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First off a couple pro reviews/awards:

Awarded the 2010 International Automotive Media Awards Bronze Medal for best written Technical Reference Book  (2nd place award, there was no silver in 2010)
-2010 IAMA Awards

"We've all heard that an educated consumer is a better customer. It would seem that authors Jerry Hoffmann and Matt Cramer of DIYAutoTune are firm believers in this axiom. Their new book, Performance Fuel Injection Systems, expertly walks readers through the processes and pitfalls of working with aftermarket fuel-injection systems. Despite their MegaSquirt-heavy business model at DIYAutoTune, the authors deliver an even-handed look at all of the players in the market. While this book is a must-read for beginners, we're keeping it on our shelf to use as a reference for future conversions." 
-Grassroots Motorsports Magazine, reviewed by Per Schroeder, November 2010 
Five Stars *****

Now a few other reviews from people just like yourself...  you can find all of these and many more on Amazon.com

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect level of detail, September 8, 2010
Ok - 
1) So pick your favorite car magazine. 
2) Now try to remember the best 'tech' article that you ever read in that magazine. 

If you're like me, you found that 'tech' article fascinating and informative; maybe you couldn't put it down until you finished it, and then you ran to the garage to try out what you learned. 

This book is like that - except it's a WHOLE BOOK instead of just some little snippet! 

I got the book in the mail the day before I went on a short vacation to the beach. I plopped onto the sand, and read every single page - cover to cover. My wife thought I was nuts to be reading a fuel injection manual instead of frolicking in the surf. The book is THAT good. 

It really spells out how all the sensors 'talk' to each other, how to map out what your EFI system should look like for your particular application, what components you can borrow from existing cars, and several other nice tips. 

If you know nothing about DIY EFI, this will give you a great overview. If you know think you know everything about DIY EFI, this book might teach you something. 

It is NOT a step-by-step instruction manual - but it will provide excellent guidance and clarity to you as you build your system. Most of the info you would need to build your own EFI system is online somewhere, but it can be tough to understand the jargon and the measurements. This book helps keep you on course as you learn. 

Well written, well worth the money - even if you never build your own system, it'll help you understand how your car works. It may even help you make a basic repair the next time your factory system breaks down. 

Love it.


5.0 out of 5 stars An easy-to-understand overview of EFI for the hobbyist., September 3, 2010
I have read most of the books out there on EFI and modifications to same.This book really tells you what you need to get into Do-It-Yourself EFI. The authors have "been there" themselves, and it shows in this book. If you are thinking about getting into EFI you need this book.



5.0 out of 5 stars What you need to know, February 15, 2011
If your'e just getting started in EFI this book is ideal for you. Covers all the basics from fuel line and sizing to airflow metering and which setup is going to best for your application. Gives a run down and basic listing of most known after-market stand alone EFI systems and what they will allow you to accomplish, making deciding on which unit you want a snap. Where this book shines is from chapter 12 on. Explaining, in enough depth to ensure a number of re-reads, how to configure and tune your engine management system. The detail here is brilliant, giving you a place to start with everything from calculating and finding ideal ignition timing to engine fueling needs in warm-up and acceleration enrichment. There are almost step by step instructions here when you get to the dyno or a track to begin tuning. There are also three system installs in the rear of the book explaining the use of the Megasquirt system on a V8, a turbo MR2 and a Zetec kitcar. The diagrams, tables and photos are of excellent quality. At 150 odd pages it is not surprising how little fill has been required to cover what will get you from an EFI zero to an EFI hero, well maybe not hero but enough to get your vehicle running. Excellent.






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